A Confession:

It's true.

It's a thing.


Well... at least I think it's true.

When we started this venture I was hesitant to call us a theatre company of sorts. We all agreed that we were just a few people wanting to make something together: artistic work of some kind. We weren't a theatre company, we were just doing something! Trying stuff out.

We're still making mistakes.

We always will.

I was hesitant to create the website, the email, the social media, the blog.

It all seems too official, a bit much.

Maybe it is.

In some ways I'm not just talking about Jump the Puddle as the 'theatre company of sorts'. I'm talking about artists as a collective.

I'm kind of thinking that we've become disillusioned by our own voices. I'm constantly questioning this idea of writing about our work, our experiences and being so super official when in fact we haven't got a clue and never really will.

Mistakes are now embraced as an official technique: the new niche thing to do!

Not knowing is losing its spontaneity.

Maybe the unknown is better unknown.

By writing this blog for Jump the Puddle then I don't want to be right and certainly don't want to prove anything or anyone wrong. I don't want anything to seem official - particularly our collective mistakes!

I guess it's just an attempt to give it, this thing that we're trying to do, meaning.

A voice of some kind.

Without this we have no reason to do what we do... to try to be the unique artists that we want to be.

We have no reason to not have a clue, because honestly we've no idea what we're doing and we never will.

Confession over.

Did that make sense?

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