An act of disappearance


I'm going to attempt to make sense of something I can't really see + don't really understand. It's more a process of thought + it definitely won't be something tangible. It's something pretty much everyone has explored. I'm not being different here. In fact I'm being very vague + not at all specific. So you have been warned!

'Performance's being... becomes itself through disappearance' (Peggy Phelan, Unmarked).

So this was the quote... The quote that started the whole thing off!

It has made the invisible, visible.

Ironically I can't seem to get this invisibility out of my head - an act of disappearance that magnifies its own presence. NOW.

Skip back a few weeks. I was discussing Pick Me Up with a close friend. I was despondent; to cut a long story short, Pick Me Up was not panning out in the way I had first perceived.

I had imagined...

Well, I don't really know what I had imagined.

A sharing of love?

A physicalising of its presense in the world, all made continuously apparent through social media.

I had selfishly wanted Pick Me Up to always be there, somewhere, anywhere as long as I could see that it was doing something.

That it was willingly present in this world...

'But maybe that's not the point?', said my friend.

ME: ...

'Just letting people say what love means to them, leaving it in the book rather than social media, + just letting the book do rounds on its own is a beautiful idea', said my friend.

ME: ...

In Jump the Puddle's attempt to make something bigger, something continually here + there + everywhere we had forgotten the essence of this project - it's invisibility.

Its ability to disappear + be found by someone new;

to be created + re-created;

always ever changing + never entirely present on its journey around the world.

A bit like a performance I guess.

It is the act of sharing, the act of passing the book on + letting it disappear that makes Pick Me Up an artwork.

It is its invisibility that makes this project ours + not yours or mine.

I think I realise this now.

And I think I'm ok with that!

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