'You want the moon?

... just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.'

- It's a Wonderful Life.

This Xmas I watched this wonderful movie for the first time. I cried like a baby and I'm not entirely sure why. Of course it's your typical American love story with its typical happy ending, but it kind of got me thinking about the excess of our society...

... I think this is what made me cry.

Christmas is a time of excess:

excess presents;

excess food;

excess parties.

For many (or maybe it's just me) it's also a time of excess stress and excess work. The new year fast approaches and you haven't completed all your tasks or essays, you haven't found a better job and you definitely haven't got a clue. You're caught up with this idea that next year needs to be bigger and better and more successful.

More excess.

And then I got thinking about theatre and its industry. With graduation just around the corner I will soon be entering this industry for real (hopefully). The more I research the more I realise its own excesses. You need to be better, more inventive, different and the most experienced. No longer is it about doing something you love. No longer is it about doing something for the good of the world. It's about being great, being the best or being better than the rest.

Whatever that means...

Sure being 'good' at theatre is great, but I'm not even sure that's entirely possible. We're striving towards an unknown perfection where only the best, the different and the wise survive. We're leaving so many people behind and to me that isn't a 'good' or healthy theatre industry. That isn't a healthy society.

We all want the moon, but we will never be able to get it.

Maybe its time to change that. I just need to think about how...


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