Oh hey, 2016!

We know it's late but Jump the Puddle feel like we should finally say HELLO to 2016.

This is a big year for all of us. It is a pivotal time of change.

ALL the founding members of Jump the Puddle will be finishing their final year studies at RHUL.

We will all be graduating in the Summer (fingers crossed).


And then what next?

A lot of us will continue to work on some VERY exciting projects we have saved up for Jump the Puddle, so make sure you look out for those!

A lot of us will try to get ourselves recognised in the big, mad world out there.

Some of us have no idea what we're going to do with out lives. But that's ok!

What is clear is that it's time for us to move on, away from the RHUL University bubble.

We want to make the transition into the big, mad world and that's terrifying!


With us being so busy with University work, Jump the Puddle might be a bit quieter than usual!

Pick Me Up will still be running and, with Valentine's Day coming up, we will be releasing another lot of books to make sure as many people can #ShareTheirLove.

However, we are placing our developing project 'Can You Hear Me?' on hold and we also won't be releasing any new material until our studies have been completed. Time is of the essence and we don't want to rush any of these exciting, new projects - they deserve more from us than that!

We hope you're all ok with that!


But this isn't the end guys, this is just the beginning!

A friend of mine recently told me to re-read the classic 'Alice in Wonderland'. He said it would help me keep perspective at this pivotal time of change. I was skeptical but accepted the challenge.

This is my favourite bit from the book and I think it sums up how Jump the Puddle are feeling right now in 2016 as we try and make our way into the mad world.

Enjoy the rest of 2016 and remember, no matter what anyone else tells you...

we're all mad,

we've all no idea what we're doing

and we all can do it - whatever that 'it' my be!

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