Hello world!

Hello again, to whoever may or may not be reading this...

It's Charlie from Jump the Puddle with the latest instalment of her somewhat average blogs (but you already knew that).

But don't panic lovely readers, Charlie has some exciting news to share:

Jump the Puddle FINALLY have an official Facebook page


Do get liking the page to make sure you're fully updated with all our latest programmes and projects on the go - what more could you want?!

Now, I should be super excited about this whole Facebook thing. I kind of am.

But in some ways I'm also kind of not and I want to explain to you why I think that may be.

We live in a world where presenting yourself on the internet has become particularly important.

We present an image of ourselves that is positively biased.

This is something that Jump the Puddle initially explored in our version of Ella Hickson's 'Eight' by giving each character a Twitter + Facebook profile in order to present themselves to the audience before the actual show.

The internet has been very much a part of this company's image right from our very first project.

Theatre makers starting out need to provide possible investors or funders with a 'digital trail'.

Royal Holloway art departments have even hired in a professional to help students form the perfect showreel, or website, or Spotlight profile, or LinkedIn account.

(The list could go on)...

And to me all of this is just a BAD performance. A performance of something other than ourselves that only shows part of that self.

The professor Geraldine Harris even admits that Cyberspace has become 'a venue for [...] performance' ('Parodying Blurred Lines').

The internet provides us with a space to present something that is not truly us; it is an image that the world wants to see and not necessarily the image that we want the world to see.

So what about the unseen and unknown?

Would we ever want to present that to the world?

Probably not.

In some ways it's more exciting if that's left invisible; the imagination can run wild.

In other ways it's somewhat sad that we do not feel we can present this part of ourselves to the world.

I just can't seem to get the idea out of my head that this Facebook page we've created, this very website in fact, is all a bad performance of ourselves.

It is an attempt to connect with someone out there who may actually like what we're showing them.

And maybe in the future they may support us, or help us, or something.

It's idealistic I know, but possible.

And maybe it is wrong for me to assume that we're developing a 'digital trail' to make this startup theatre company seem more impressive and professional.

Maybe I should see this as a curatorial project in its own right.

I don't know.

But what I do know is that every time Jump the Puddle post something on Facebook, tweet about #PickMeUp or write a blog on our website we are presenting something to the world.

We are performing.

I don't know whether what we are performing is us, but it is something... I guess!

Hello world...

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