'We need an Alice in Wonderland...' - UNKNOWN

The past month has been a time of significant changes - not only for Jump the Puddle, but for the world.

So much has already been written on these changes, so I promise I will be brief:

- Jump the Puddle are graduating.

We've finished our degrees at Royal Holloway and are now moving on into the Big Bad World.

We are all Alices trying to work out our own Wonderlands.

Who knows what will happen.

A lot of us are moving away, but we will aim to continue to make more work that connects with you, the world and it's beautiful/fragile/enigmatic people.

The Student Workshop has kindly given Jump the Puddle funding to aid us on in this next part of our journey. Watch this space for a developing project coming to a festival near you!

- The UK has decided to leave the EU.

This has been a big blow to Jump the Puddle, particularly in such a pivotal stage of our development not only as a company but as individuals. However, we are determined to make most of the situation. We can only offer support and love to our friends of the EU. We all need to make sure this divided country connects once again - maybe art can help this?

In light of Brexit, a man on the tube said to me that 'we need an Alice in Wonderland'. This got me thinking that we need the young, bright and beautiful to take control. Maybe we all are Alices? Maybe we can all do something to take control? Who knows? I'm just rambling now. But it's worth a thought isn't it?

We're all Alices.

Bring on the future and its wonderland, whatever that may be.

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