Another year comes and goes...

And as we look forward from (frankly) a pretty scary 2016, it's time to work out what Jump the Puddle will be up to next in what will surely be another crazy, whirlwind year.

This year has seen great graduations and terrifying elections; successful shows and disappointing votes; the start of the new and the end to the brilliant.

But what will 2017 bring?

And does that matter?

Should I be thinking so far ahead into the unknown?

Or should I just let it happen?

I'm not sure there will ever be an answer to this...

I've been a bit quieter the past couple of months, allowing me to have a ponder on thoughts for 2017... Finally I've made up my mind. This is what Jump the Puddle will aim to have achieved within the next year (subject to change... we don't want to go too overboard of course... we all know that I like to plan ahead way too much).



This show is still very much an experiment and still in development. After the success of 'Can You Hear Me? 2' I want to push it further... Maybe even get it into the playground that is London city... WATCH THIS SPACE FOR A MAGICAL 2017.


Two new ideas will be developed under project 'KitKat':

- PUSSY (working title)

- The selfie bomb (working title)

Unlike the Symbiotic project that aimed to explore connections with our audiences, project KitKat is about taking time to expand AND TO HAVE TIME TO HAVE FUN AND BE SILLY. It's our break basically (hence the kitkat, because you need a kitkat with every break of course... unless you're intolerant to gluten like me). After working in the constraints of a degree, it's our time to not feel the pressure to make a certain type of work (although inevitably we will end up sticking with a certain type of work because that's life). This DOES NOT mean we won't connect, because frankly that is what I'm interested in most and I personally believe that all art can connect - you may beg to differ (?). But this is not the point and I have once again gone off topic.

So there we have it. The aims of 2017 (subject to change). Let us know you're thoughts and if you're intrigued by what is to come just send us a message to the usual.

Wishing all a restful festive holidays and a happy new year!


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