Taking Care/The Water Works #1

'WORDS FAIL ME' (P.79 in Becoming Unbecoming by Una)

So there's this new show that I'm making and I don't know what to say about it.

More specifically I don't know how I can talk about about it.

My words have failed me.

So there's this new show that I'm making and, even though I don't know what to say about it, I do know that it is different.

I didn't decide to make this show.

Most days I don't want to make it.

The thought of making it, making this show, makes me feel violently sick.

I have no control. The show decided it needed to be made so here I am trying to pick up the pieces and, with less than a month to go before it's premiere, I still don't know what to say about it.

It might be shit.

It might not.

It might turn out ok.

It might not.

But you know what? For the first time in my life I'm actually TRYING to not think about what you think... EMPHASIS on the 'trying' because I really do care what you, the audience, think.

I want to do us justice.

Taking Care/The Water Works will premiere at the Camden People's Theatre, 5th June, as part of the new and wonderful Student Lock Festival. It is a piece that is not only relevant and personal to me, but to you too. Trauma and recovery, big or small, affects us all and needs (I shamefully hesitate saying this) to be explored.

This is universal.

I'm currently in that 'freaking out' stage of being an artist trying to tame the beast I have conjured up... Soooooooo, if anyone fancies helping out that would be much appreciated.

"But how can I help?" I hear you cry... WELL LET ME TELL YOU!

1. I'm in desperate need of another performer, preferably a female who doesn't mind exploring sensitive issues such as sexual assault and trauma, and is willing to experiment with us. Please email us if you're interested!

2. If anyone has a spare bucket they would like to donate I will love you forever (and maybe even make you gluten-free chocolate brownies - if you're lucky)! So if your sad and lonely bucket needs a new home, get in touch with us via email.

3. We will be holding lots of open rehearsals (dates TBC). So come along, we'd love to hear your thoughts. The more honest, the better!

4. Tell your friends and family to come support all the work at The Student Lock Festival, 5th June (https://www.cptheatre.co.uk/production/student-lock-festival/). It's going to be very special.

And with that Jump the Puddle are back on track (for better or for worse)!

We'll keep you updated folks xoxo

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