Taking Care/The Water Works #3

'Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think'.

A.A.Milne - author of the Winnie the Pooh stories.

This is one of my favourite quotations of all time by one of my favourite writers of all time. In a world where life often seems to be constant work and 'go,go,go', this quotation reminds us that we can do it. We can keep on going. We can achieve. We are doing ok, even if it sometimes feels like constant work and the 'go,go,go' is taking control of our lives.

I must admit, I really struggled during the rehearsal process for our first showing of Taking Care/The Water Works at The Student Lock Festival. I did feel like I was drowning in constant work and 'go,go,go'.

Every show has a different journey. Not all of these journeys are easy. In fact more often than not making a show is fucking difficult and emotionally draining, and yet many artists around the world continue to go on these difficult journeys and make brilliant pieces of artwork.

FACT: making a show stimulated by your own experiences and recovery of rape is even more difficult and even more emotionally draining.

This is where the thank yous come in...

Thank you to everyone who came along to see our first showing of Taking Care/The Water Works. Your positive responses and thoughts for development have been overwhelming. It has made me and the rest of the team want to continue on this difficult journey of creating a strong piece of art exploring recovery from trauma. We want to continue to claim back control after so much was lost and explore our individual recoveries for ourselves. You, the audience, are helping us do this. So thank you.

Thank you to Rory, Han, Nadine, Courtenay and Alice. The dream Jump the Puddle team. You made me realise that we are all braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, and smarter than we think. We were all out of comfort zones. You made sure it wasn't just about the shit that happened, but about a sensitive and universal exploration of recovery. So thank you.

I know we still have a long way to go with this project. But this doesn't faze me. I no longer feel physically sick or scared by this journey. Because we can do it.

Stay tuned to find out more about this developing project and if you want to get involved in the process, feel free to get in contact.

Thank you.

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