The Symbiotic Programme

An explanation...

WHAT?: We were intrigued by Ella Hickson's Eight and the spontaneity the script provided. Our explorative process started the Summer of 2014 and ended with our two performances in November 2014. 


WHO?: A group of first year students (now old and wrinkley graduates) from RHUL got together to 'bid' the show, starting what is now known as Jump the Puddle's SYMBIOTIC PROJECT. Our eventual cast and crew were made up of first and second year drama students - all novices to creating a show!


WHERE?: RHUL studio 1, of course! 


WHY?: We were bored of the same-old shows going on around campus, and so wanted to do something a little bit different. We wanted to do something a little bit more interactive and engaging, placing audiences within the show.   


HOW?: We bid for The Student Workshop's Rehearsal Room Slot over the Summer and got voted in... 


This was our first ever show. It has helped develop us as a company - so thank you Student Workshop! 

This is Jump the Puddle's first collaboration of 2015! 


Officially launched Valentine's Day 2015 as part of the SYMBIOTIC PROGRAMME, Jump the Puddle are using Pick Me Up to celebrate the universality of love.


Pick Me Up is a little bit different. It's not your usual theatre show. The project consists of three books (the number of which is ever increasing). These books are now travelling around RHUL campus, the UK and the world.


These are books of love, books in which anyone and everyone can contribute. We aim to connect, share and invite all to express what love means to them. 




By Ellla Hickson


Not everyone got to show their monologue to an audience over the 2 nights we performed Ella Hickson's Eight


At the start of the process we didn't really consider the impact of this on the actor; we were more engaged with the possibilities of Eight's spontaneity. As a creative team, this was naive and unthoughtful of us.


In response, with the help of Josh Buckland, we've created After Eight! Using rehearsal footage, we have managed to document the eight different monologues for the cast and crew.




An Original

Can You Hear Me? 


Jump the Puddle are trying something out again! This is our second experiment of 2015.


A work in progress, Can You Hear Me? aims to connect two different audiences, in two different theatres, across vast seas, skies and islands.


Here's the hitch... There are NO actors.


It's not about us. 

It's about you.  


Stay tuned to find out more!